iTrent Consultancy

See How Effective Logjec is for Yourself

Many companies become frustrated with the idea that they may need to commit to a contract before seeing the results for themselves. With LogJec, we know that understanding your needs is key to a successful business relationship. That’s why we are offering new clients a free consultancy day, so you can see how effective iTrent consultancy can be.

iTrent Implementation Consultancy

Successful implementation is key to the ongoing effective use of the iTrent system. Are you overstretched by the project? Is the implementation taking over and having a negative impact on your team and business as usual.

Taking on an iTrent consultant will mean you have the technical, configuration skills onsite working solely in the best interest of your organisation.

The consultants we represent have extensive iTrent project experience and the ability to work with stakeholders and your teams to understand the overall HR strategy. They will absorb the companies culture and ethos,  ensure the iTrent system processes are achieving maximum efficiency and functionality.

Our consultants will also ensure the teams are trained and upskilled on the system before leaving the site.

We offer bespoke contracts to suit the project needs and budget.

“I would recommend LogJec. Liz is very professional. She provides an excellent service and gives expert detailed advice.”
Photo of Jon Mc Naught Logjec Testimonial
Jon McNaught
Integris Solutions Limited

Free Consultancy Day

We offer our new clients a no-obligation free consultancy day worth £500 + to give them the opportunity to have a consultant onsite, identify needs and discover what benefits they could offer.