Just an average Monday!!

As a solo niche recruitment business owner with a busy family life, it’s a juggle but I love it!

8.30am school run!

9 am Usual email mountain! This morning was then dominated by data entry for onboarding 2 new contracts ! Trying to get to grips with a new system! Ahhhh not my strong point !

Throwing in the 3rd load of washing by 11am after a fab weekend away in the Lakes celebrating my Mums 60th!

Three potential requirements to chase before lunch plus an interview prep session then off for my run!

Received an important client call while running! Even though totally out of breath , traffic whizzing by I needed to take this call! I have been waiting for this call!

It was awkward but I went with honesty, we had a brief chat and I took a full spec once I got home. The client respected my honesty and I think I definitely stood out!

1pm- 2pm Candidate calls to discuss a current opportunity. Catch up on a few emails!

My eldest son (age12) arrives home at 3.20pm and we have a chat about his day! He takes over my work computer to print off homework for 20 mins! Time for my cuppa!

4pm Off to collect my 18 month old little girl and my 10yr old boy after his footy practice.

4.45-5.30pm , catch up with emails while my little one watches baby shark on repeat!

5.30pm My husband arrives home just in time to sort tea (he is a chef after all) so I avoid this duty at all cost!

7.30pm After some family time I make my scheduled call and finish the day with Linked In

I am a hard working busy Mum! My company is small My niche is iTrent !

I only recruit iTrent skills (interim and Perm vacancies)

If you have iTrent experience and skills, I can help you with new opportunities.

If you are an existing or new iTrent site I can help you recruit iTrent skills for a project or for a permanent member of your team.

My mentality is quality not quantity, I only focus on what I know

For more info or to arrange a chat please contact me on



Many thanks


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